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Northwood 5 Axis CNC Router Sander
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5 Axis-CNC

Northwood 5-Axis CNC Router

Hardwood Interior’s Northwood 5-Axis CNC can do any custom carving imaginable, cut any arched 3-dimensional bar rail, or cut any part for any manufactured wood product. An hourly rate can be determined to help you complete the finest details of your project.

Staining & Finishing

Hardwood Interiors can stain and finish your product to match your sample or you can choose from a wide selection of our standard stains and finishes. We stain and finish doors, mouldings, flooring, paneling, stair systems, and timbers. Our sanding and finishing process will insure that your product is completed with a “cabinet grade” finish that will be among the best in the industry. Charges vary depending on the stain and finish process required.

Moulding & Sanding

Hardwood Interiors can mould and sand your product using our 7-head Weinig moulders and our 3-step sanding process. Pricing depends on profile required, species processed, and condition of material.

Timber Frame Components

Hardwood Interiors can custom cut and process timber frame components on our large 5-axis CNC, our over-sized bandsaws and resaws, and our large planers. We can insure exact tolerances and meet your most detailed specifications.