Special Order Knives

Hardwood Interiors can match any profile that you may require or can manufacture any of the profiles shown in this section. However, the cost of the moulder knives will be added to the purchase price. For larger orders, this cost becomes almost negligible. However, for small runs, the cost can be extreme. ($250-$700/profile).

If you cannot find a moulding profile that meets your requirements within our wide array in the "PROFILE GALLERY ON HAND" section of the web site, Hardwood Interiors can match any existing profile you may require or you may choose any profile from Weinig USA.

Weinig USA is our knife and tooling supplier for our moulding operation and they offer an extremely large selection of profiles for use in our machinery. You may chose any profile by clicking on casing, base, chair rail, bar rails, etc. and then scrolling through the various offerings. The "GREEN" shaded area of each profile is a representation of how the actual moulding will look from an end view. When you find one that you like, you can note the profile number and then call your representative for a price.

For a quick knife cost estimate, you can take the width of the moulding and add 1", then double that number and multiply the result by $30. That we resulting number is the knife charge only. The cost of the wood and any setup charges would still need to be added to this cost.

So, for a 3" wide knife, add 1", equaling 4. Multiply by 2, equaling 8. Finally, multiply by 30, resulting in a knife charge of $240. As you can see, for an order of 2000 linear feet, then knife charge only adds 12 cents/lf to the cost, but for a small order the cost the cost can be relatively high.

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