About Hardwood Interiors, Inc.

Wood Products 50 Years Ago

Hardwood Interiors, Inc. was created to serve as your mill-direct source for design, craftsmanship, and outstanding millwork products. Our parent company, Wood Products, Inc., began in 1938 and is responsible for the harvesting, production, and distribution of our hardwood lumber throughout the United States and internationally. For three generations, this family-owned operation has managed over 50,000 acres of prime Northern Appalachian timberland and takes pride in sustaining the environment, maintaining ecological balance, and managing renewable resources for future generations. We employ our own foresters to manage the properties that supply our modern sawmill and dry kiln facilities.

In order to leverage our hardwood lumber production, experience, and industry relationships, we have integrated state-of-the-art millwork equipment and vast architectural knowledge to form Hardwood Interiors, Inc., our finished millwork sales entity. Our more than seventy years of knowledge and experience will be evident to the discerning buyer of quality millwork.

Wood Products Log Yard Modern Day

The long-term strategic relationships gained by Wood Products, Inc. are sustained through decades of providing superior quality lumber, exceptional service, and attention to detail. With our advanced rough and finished mills, we have provided products to artisans and other millwork companies for years. Now, Hardwood Interiors, Inc. can offer fully-integrated trim and architectural millwork packages directly to contractors and homeowners at wholesale prices.

Hardwood Interiors, Inc. offers this unique set of resources with a lead-time that is not easily matched anywhere in the country. Whether your interest be mouldings, custom cabinetry, stair systems, wood flooring, doors, windows, or any specialty custom millwork, the lumber for each piece is carefully hand selected and the products are manufactured by period-trained hands with the help of modern equipment and delivered directly to your project location.

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