Hardwood Interiors offers a wide variety of standard moulding profiles. These are offered in any species of wood and can be produced within weeks. Many profiles can be modified without incurring additional set-up charges.

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Base Shoe:

Base shoes are primarily used to trim flooring materials and in combination with a traditional baseboard.

Chair Rail:

Chair rails have decorative and practical functions and they are a beautiful accent to a room.

Casing & Base:

Casings are used primarily to cover up the gap between drywall and the door or window frame. Bases are used along the floor to cover the transition between the floor and wall.

Hand & Bar Rail:

Hand and bar rails provide safety and support for stairs or steps.

Corners & Stops:

Corners are most commonly used to soften and protect the corners of walls. Stops are used in door and window applications to "stop" the door or window.


Crowns run along the wall at the ceiling.

Panel and Base Cap:

Panel and base caps can be used as a decorative member, to trim out raised panel wall construction and to frame attractive wall coverings for a paneled effect.

Tongue and Groove:

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These profiles were designed for specific jobs.